Unofficial Biography THE DAZZLER [Ken Baldwin]
 Created by John Broome and Gil Kane

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    Full Name: Ken Baldwin
    Occupation: Unknown
    Marital Status: Unknown
    Known Relatives: None
    Group Affiliation: None
    Description: Male human
    Height: Unknown
    Weight: Unknown
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Black with beard
    First Appearance: Green Lantern Vol. 2 #49 (December 1966): "The Spectacular Robberies of TV's Master Villain!"


    In a far off galaxy, planet Ethor was the twelfth planet orbiting the star Aldrin. Kahu Ibor was a worker in the data center of Ethor City. His job was to assist the scholars and students of Ethor with the mento-spools and transmitters which stored the information of his world. Ibor was unhappy with his tedious job.

    One night while cleaning, he found a spool "Quaint Customs on Other Worlds." Against regulations, Ibor remained after closing to learn from the mento-spool. He discovered the planet XK1283, which practiced theatrical entertainment. Over days, Ibor played many other spools. There was nothing like theater on Ethor, he would have to go to XK1283, otherwise known as Earth. Despite the regulations of his people, Ibor teleported to Earth.

    He adopted the name Henry Peters and used telepathy to learn the local languages. Peters was turned down at every audition. He finally landed a job as a special effects man on a new television show. Entitled "The Dazzler!", the campy TV show was a big hit, featuring a supervillain as its star.

    One day, during rehearsals, the wire holding the actor Ken Baldwin aloft snapped. Peters used his mental powers to propel Baldwin to safety. The stage hands were puzzled but Baldwin was suspicious. He became friends with Peters to learn his secrets.

    Eventually, Baldwin convinced Peters to teach him how to use the mental powers. Baldwin promised only to use the powers for special effects on the show. The star of the Dazzler was a quick study. Soon, he had better control of the mental powers than Peters. The Ethoran visitor was mentally controlled by the actor.

    As the Dazzler, Baldwin tested his power by robbing a fur vault. He was interrupted by Green Lantern Hal Jordan. The ring had no effect on the Dazzler. The TV criminal escaped.

    Green Lantern investigated the set, only to learn Baldwin had an alibi. He was there filming the Dazzler program at the time of the robbery. Green Lantern's suspicions turned to Henry Peters.

    The ring did not work on Peters, leading Jordan to believe his guess was right. A mental scan of Peters revealed the truth.

    The emerald crusader met the Dazzler at the Museum of Ancient Art. The Dazzler had planned a lengthy criminal career, but it was cut short by Green Lantern. Despite the Dazzler's formidable powers including flight, mental blasts and the ability to create duplicate bodies, the costumed criminal was no match for the emerald crusader.

    Green Lantern used his power ring to erase Baldwin's super-powers. The actor turned real life villain was taken to the police. Baldwin had used his duplicating ability to set up his alibi, but when his powers were erased the truth was revealed.

    Henry Peters realized his mental powers were a constant source of danger to Earth. He returned to Ethor as Kahu Ibor to face the Ethoran authorities. Ken Baldwin has not exhibited any further powers.
    [Green Lantern Vol. 2 #49]

    CREATIVE TEAM (First Appearance)

  • Script: John Broome
  • Pencils: Gil Kane
  • Inks: Sid Greene
  • Edits: Julius Schwartz

    'mouse note-

    I wonder if Ken Baldwin is somehow related to the Baldwin brothers? :)

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