Created by Steve Englehart and Joe Staton

Green Lantern Corps of Earth

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    Sector: 2814 and beyond
    Members: See below
    First Appearance: Green Lantern Corps #201 (June 1986): "Setting Up Shop"



    When the Guardians of the Universe left our plane of reality, they abolished the system of assigning one Green Lantern per sector. The Green Lanterns could now group as they saw fit.

    Hal Jordan and John Stewart were advised to watch over their homeworld, Earth. The Guardians foretold that Earth would be the source of a new race of immortals in the next millenium.

    Other Green Lanterns joined Jordan and Stewart on Earth, each for their own reasons. Guy Gardner had been assigned to Maltus. There he would be trained in the proper duties of a Green Lantern.
    [Green Lantern Vol. 2 #200]

    With an unprecedented seven Green Lanterns on Earth, Arisia personalized the uniforms of the team. For tradition, Hal kept his original costume. The Green Lanterns based themselves on the west coast and built a Citadel outside Los Angeles.
    [Green Lantern Corps #201]

    Guy Gardner escaped from Maltus, and returned to Earth. Captured by Apros and K'ryssma of the Green Lantern Corps Honor Guard, Guy was to be returned to Maltus. The Corps took on the responsiblity of watching over Guy Gardner after his return to Earth.

    As in perhaps all groups, there were differences of opinions, Guy Gardner's situation being just one case. The Corps had a variety of reactions to the Presidential Ban on super-heroes following riots inspired by G. Gordon Godfrey. As five members of the Corps were not from Earth, they would not back one particular country. Kilowog had even left the United States to help the Soviet Union build the Rocket Red Brigade. Kilowog returned to the GLC after they managed to stop a nuclear war between Russia and the USA.
    [Green Lantern Corps #208-#210]

    Following the repeal of the Presidential Ban, Guy Gardner went to join the new Justice League.
    [Justice League #1]

    Back in California, Gardner had his "revenge" on the GLC by having his ring intoxicate their drinking water, making them all drunk. He reluctantly had his ring "sober 'em up" when they needed to battle Pink Elephants conjured up by a drunk Salakk. John Stewart proposed marriage to Katma Tui.
    [Green Lantern Corps #211]

    Following their low-profile wedding, John and Katma went off to Replikon's garden asteriod for their honeymoon. The rest of the Corps decided to take breaks themselves. Ch'p and Salakk went to Africa to visit Dr. Ub'x. Kilowog went to Nicaragua. Hal and Arisia went off for a romantic get-away, which quickly turned almost deadly when Hector Hammond and Star Sapphire showed up.
    [Green Lantern Corps #212-#213]

    During an adventure in the 58th century, the Corps lost two members. Salakk, who had become Pol Manning while in that era, elected to stay in the future, and Ch'p decided to return to H'lven, to rebuild his life which had been wiped out in the Crisis.
    [Green Lantern Corps #214-#215]

    To make up for the lost Green Lanterns, some of the Corps went out into space to search for other Green Lanterns. They met the Green Lantern Corps of The Klyminade, which had been decimated by the actions of Sinestro and his ally, the MadGod Sector 3600.
    [Green Lantern Corps #217-#219]

    Charging their rings, the combined forces of both Corps attacked Sinestro on the moon of Eidakon. They had apparantly defeated their enemy when they were swept away by the power of Sector 3600. Plunged through a black hole, they were transported to the remains of Space Sector 872.
    [Green Lantern Corps #217-#218]

    They were attacked out of nowhere, and returning fire, discovered a Class-IV planet. Lured down to the surface they confronted five galactic killers who had destroyed the Green Lantern Corps of Sector 872. The galactic killers were defeated by John Stewart, and the remaining world was to be terraformed.

    The world would be a new home for the survivors of Bolovax Vik, the homeworld of Kilowg, which had been destroyed in the Crisis. When Bolovax Vik was destroyed by anti-matter, Kilowog had been saved by his power ring. Due to his mind link with his comrades, the ring collected the life energies of Bolovax Vik's sixteen billion inhabitants. Now, they would live again. Shortly after completing the terraforming, Kilowog released their energies on the world.

    In the blink of an eye, the planet was obliterated by Sinestro.
    [Green Lantern Corps #218]

    The destruction of his people sent Kilowog into an uncontrollable rage. He lashed out, inadvertantly striking the other Green Lanterns. Kilowog was calmed by a mind probe by Arisia.

    Still under attack by Sinestro, Flodo Span created a plan to defeat the Sector. With his willpower and the ring's green power he would expand his consciousness to envelope the sentient sector. Just as Sector 3600 had, Flodo Span became so ephemeral he went mad. The power ring pulled Flodo back together. Flodo Span would apparantly calm Sector 3600, contracting it to the size of a baseball. Without his omnipotent ally, the Green Lanterns easily defeated Sinestro.

    Katma Tui-Stewart invited the Green Lantern Corps of the Klyminade to join the Earth based Corps, but they declined.
    [Green Lantern Corps #219]

    Returning to Earth, the Corps was involved in the Millenium affair. A Guardian and a Zamoran had returned to our plane of existence to help raise the next immortals, a handful of humans called the Chosen. The Corps joined with others of Earth's super-hero community battling their predecessors, the android Manhunters.
    [Green Lantern Corps #220-#221, Millennium #1-8, Secret Origins #23]

    The Green Lanterns then gathered on Oa to bring Sinestro to justice. Tried and convicted, Sinestro was executed. However, his essence had managed to escape into the Main Power Battery. This resulted in the re-absorption of virtually all of the power rings on Oa. Now powerless, the entire Green Lantern Corps disbanded shortly thereafter.
    [Green Lantern Corps #222-#224]


    with the exception of Salakk, the GLC of Earth spoke Hal Jordan's oath:

    "In brightest day, in blackest night,
    no evil shall escape my sight,
    let those who worship evil's might,
    beware my power,
    Green Lantern's light!"

    Salakk spoke this oath, the same oath spoken by Tomar-Re and Alan Scott:

    "And I shall shed my light over dark evil,
    For the dark things cannot stand the light,
    -Green Lantern Corps #212

    CREATIVE TEAM (First Appearance)

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  • As the Green Lantern Corps of Earth:
  • Script: Steve Englehart
  • Pencils: Joe Staton
  • Inks: Mark Farmer
  • Colors: Carl Gafford
  • Letters: L. Lois Buhalis
  • Edits: Andy Helfer

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